Alerte sécurité pour les voyageurs

S’informer avant de partir

La première chose à faire avant de partir pour sa sécurité est de bien s’informer sur la situation de la région où vous vous rendez.Ci-dessous une série de conseils aux voyageurs fournis par divers ministères des affaires étrangères.

Carte des catastrophes naturelles dans le monde

Ce site répertorie en direct les catastrophes naturelles dans le monde http://hisz.rsoe.hu

Conseils des affaires étrangères

Vous trouverez ci-dessous les alertes sécurité publiées par les ministères des affaires étrangères en France et en Grande Bretagne. Elles vous donneront une indication de la situation géo-politique et sanitaire partout dans le monde.

RSS Travel Advice Summary

  • Mexico 2021-10-23
    Addition of information on Hurricane Rick, due to make landfall along the west-central coast on 24 October, and removal of information on Hurricane Pamela ('Summary' and 'Natural disasters' pages)
  • Ecuador 2021-10-22
    Update to information on the national vaccination programme and Galapagos entry requirements ('Coronavirus' and 'Entry requirements' pages)
  • Nigeria 2021-10-22
    Additional advice added regarding Maiduguri, Borno State (‘Summary’ ‘Safety and Security’ pages).
  • Madagascar 2021-10-22
    Information on the reopening of borders for limited regional flights from 23 October and commercial and charter flights to/from Europe from 6 November. Red and green lists are in place for travel to Madagascar, you can only travel to Madagascar from a green list country ('Coronavirus' and 'Entry requirements' pages)
  • Serbia 2021-10-22
    Update on local measures in response to Coronavirus in Serbia ('Coronavirus' page).
  • Ireland 2021-10-22
    Addition of information on COVID-19 related restrictions that come into force on 22 October and Common Travel Area arrangements ('Summary' and 'Entry requirements' pages)
  • Austria 2021-10-22
    New information entry requirements for under 18's ('Entry requirements' page)
  • Algeria 2021-10-22
    Updated information on Algeria's borders and vaccines included in Algeria's vaccination programme ('Coronavirus' page). Information on past terrorist attacks and entry requirements to Algeria if you are travelling by sea ('Terrorism' and 'Entry requirements' pages)
  • Cameroon 2021-10-22
    Information on closing times for pharmacies ('Coronavirus' page) and additional information on terrorist groups ('Terrorism' page)
  • Bulgaria 2021-10-22
    New information on domestic COVID-19 restrictions in Bulgaria ('Coronavirus' page)
  • El Salvador 2021-10-22
    Updated information on how to get a COVID-19 vaccine if you live in El Salvador ('Coronavirus' page)
  • Indonesia 2021-10-22
    Updated information on COVID-19 restrictions and entry requirements based on Indonesia's latest regulations and editorial updates on natural disasters ('Coronavirus', 'Entry requirements' and 'Natural disasters' pages)
  • Somalia 2021-10-22
    This advice has been reviewed in full and re-published without amendment
  • Russia 2021-10-22
    Information on QR codes for COVID-19 restrictions ('Coronavirus' page)
  • St Vincent and the Grenadines 2021-10-22
    Updated information on vaccines included in St Vincent and the Grenadines national vaccination programme and information on how to obtain an exit screening PCR test ('Coronavirus' page)
  • Afghanistan 2021-10-21
    Update to Terrorism section: In light of recent attacks on places of worship and continued risks to religious sites.
  • Morocco 2021-10-21
    New information on suspension of direct flights and the introduction of additional restrictive measures for travellers from the UK to Morocco (‘Coronavirus’ page).
  • Senegal 2021-10-21
    Updated information on entry requirements for entry to Senegal ('Entry requirements’ page)
  • Turkey 2021-10-21
    Update to criteria for completion of the Form for Entry to Turkey (‘Entry requirements’ page)